As the holiday season approaches, the excitement of gift-giving and the joy of spreading love and cheer fill the air. It’s a time to show appreciation for your loved ones and to celebrate the connections you share. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of consumerism, rushing through malls and online shops in search of the perfect gift. This year, why not take a different approach and embrace the art of mindful holiday shopping? Consider these holistic holiday gift ideas.

What Is Mindful Holiday Shopping?

Mindful holiday shopping involves approaching the act of gift-giving with intention, thoughtfulness, and consciousness. It’s about selecting gifts that hold deeper meaning and resonate with the recipient’s values, interests, and well-being. Mindful shopping not only enhances the experience of gift-giving but also reflects the holistic principles that we hold dear.

Gift Ideas for a Holistic Holiday Season

Handcrafted Artisan Gifts and Art

Support local artisans and crafts in your community by seeking out handcrafted gifts. These unique creations often carry the energy and intention of their makers, making them special and meaningful presents. Decorate their space with meaningful art prints featuring spiritual or holistic themes. These can serve as daily reminders of the journey to self-discovery and balance.

Check out:
Callo Metal Art (McCallsburg, IA): metal and gemstone jewelry
Heartland Glass (Des Moines, IA): stained glass creations
THS Custom Jewelry (Lisbon, IA): gemstone jewelry

Wellness Packages

Consider giving the gift of wellness with spa day certificates, yoga class memberships, or wellness retreat packages. These experiences encourage self-care and holistic health.

Check out:
Hot House Yoga (Iowa City, IA): Yoga classes
Serenity Day Spa (Coon Rapids, IA): Spa treatments
The Raj (Fairfield, IA): Wellness retreat package

Plant-Based Goodies

If your loved ones are into holistic living, explore plant-based gifts. These can range from succulents and herb gardens to homemade vegan baked goods or gourmet herbal teas. Other options could be high-quality kitchen essentials such as a spiralizer for zoodles or a cookbook filled with vegan recipes.

Check out:
Plant Peddler (Cresco, IA): Floral, garden, gifts
Thistle’s Summit Bakery (Des Moines, IA): Vegan and gluten-free bakery
Little Woods Herbal (Ames, IA): Herbs, teas, and spices

Experiential Gifts

Instead of physical items, gift experiences such as cooking classes, painting workshops, or outdoor adventures. These create lasting memories and encourage personal growth.

Check out:
Cooking with Nina (Robins, IA): Cooking classes
Art on the Fly (Jefferson, IA): Art and crafting classes
Kindred Auras (Des Moines, IA): Aura photography

Personal Development, Spirituality, or Holistic Books

There’s a wealth of holistic literature out there. Select books on mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, or wellness that resonate with the recipient’s journey.

Check out:
Half Price Books (Clive, IA and Marion, IA): Discount book shop
Fortunate Finds (Audubon, IA): Book shop, crystals, and more
The Book Vine (Cherokee, IA): Books, wine, and gifts

Holistic Jewelry

Seek out jewelry with holistic and spiritual symbols, such as mandalas, lotus flowers, or chakra stones. These pieces serve as reminders of inner peace and balance.

Check out:
KIN (Des Moines, IA): Jewelry, crystals, items for the home, and more
Dorie’s Crystals and Things (Council Bluffs, IA): Jewelry, crystals, and more
Om Gifts for Body and Soul (Iowa City, IA): Jewelry, home decor, self-care, and more

Holistic Skin Care Products

Explore organic and cruelty-free skin care products. These items are made with natural ingredients and without harsh chemicals, contributing to overall well-being.

Check out:
Olga’s Organics (Des Moines, IA): Skin care and makeup
Campbell’s Nutrition (Des Moines, IA and Urbandale, IA): Grocery, supplements, body care, home goods, and more

Holistic Home Decor

Choose home decor items that create a serene and balanced atmosphere. Consider items like Himalayan salt lamps, healing crystal grids, or mandala tapestries.

Check out:
Illuminations (Cedar Rapids, IA): Crystals, jewelry, home decor, and more
Windy’s Sublime Healing (Des Moines, IA): Suncatchers, crystals, home decor, jewelry
Hound Dog Rock Shop (Clarence, IA): Salt lamps, crystals and stones, jewelry, and more

Eco-Friendly Goods

Explore eco-conscious gifts like reusable bamboo utensils, stainless steel water bottles, or cloth grocery bags. These help reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Check out:
The Collective (Des Moines, IA): Sustainable hygiene, cleaning supplies, and more

Holistic Subscription Boxes

Sign your loved ones up for monthly subscription boxes that provide holistic self-care products, spiritual tools, or wellness items.

Check out:
Ema’s Elegance (Boone, IA): Subscription boxes, jewelry, crystals, and more

Reiki or Energy Healing Sessions

Give the gift of energy healing sessions or Reiki to help recipients align their chakras, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

Check out:
ReAlive Metaphysical Shop (Cedar Rapids, IA): Crystal healing bed, Reiki sessions

Other Ideas

  • Meditation or Mindfulness Kits: Create a thoughtful meditation or mindfulness kit by including items like meditation cushions, essential oils, calming crystals, and guided meditation CDs or apps. These kits encourage relaxation and self-reflection.
  • Self-Care Baskets: Assemble a self-care basket with bath salts, organic candles, essential oils, and a cozy blanket. Anything to help loved ones relax and practice self-care!
  • Workshops and Classes: Many holistic providers offer workshops or classes in various fields, including energy healing, holistic nutrition, or mindfulness. Gift a loved one the opportunity to expand their knowledge and personal growth.
  • Magazine Subscriptions: Subscribe your loved ones to holistic and spiritual magazines to inspire their journeys throughout the year.

Supporting Local and Sustainable Businesses

In addition to focusing on the nature of the gifts, consider supporting local and sustainable businesses. By shopping locally, you invest in your community and reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping products over long distances. Sustainable products contribute to the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Check out all of the providers around Iowa that are listed on the Holistic Iowa Providers Directory for some fantastic goods and services!

Embracing the Spirit of Giving

Ultimately, the holiday season is a time of giving and sharing. It’s a moment to express love, gratitude, and good wishes to your friends and family. As you embark on your mindful holiday shopping journey, remember that the true value of a gift lies in the love and positive energy behind it.

Embrace the spirit of giving and connect with the holistic values that guide your life. By choosing meaningful, intentional gifts, you contribute to the well-being of your loved ones and create memorable moments that embody the essence of the season.